The AeroKART is an all electric battery powered aircraft tug built to move your plane to and from the hangar without the hassle. With enough torque to handle any slope, it can get the job done with ease.


With adaptable arms, the AeroKART can be modified to tow a wide variety of light planes. The AeroKART is the perfect electric aircraft tug for light planes such as the Cirrus SR22/22T, Cessna 172/182, CessnaTTX, Cessna Corvalis, Beechcraft Baron, Columbia, Mooney, Piper, and many others.


Save the gas for your plane. The AeroKART is an electric aircraft tug powered by two 12v rechargeable batteries. With an onboard 24V smart charger, you can leave the AeroKART plugged in indefinitely without harming the batteries. The 110VAC plug can be pulled out approximately 6’.

EASY Operation

Operating the AeroKART is simple and easy. All operations are controlled from the handle bar area. The controls consist of: ON/OFF switch, FORWARD/REVERSE switch, twist-grip “throttle”, and lever used to engage the long arms on to the aircraft attachment points.

Powerful Heavy Duty Gear Motor

Give your back a rest and let the AeroKART handle all the work when it comes to your flying experience. The AeroKART’s small aircraft towing power comes from its heavy duty gearbox and 24vdc motor. It’ll take all the hassle out of the equation when it comes to getting you airborne.

Customization Options, Arms, & Adapters

Customize your AeroKART to fit your needs with different arms and adapters to fit your aircraft. Not a big fan of red? Customize the colors on your AeroKART with our selection of powder coating color options.

  • Powder Coating Color Option
  • Battery Gauge
  • Dual Wheels
  • Adapters
  • Short Straight Arms
  • Short Bent Arms
  • Long Straight Arms

Need something a little more custom than what you see here? Let us know and we can craft a custom solution to fit your needs.

The Best Flying Experience Starts with the AeroKART

American Made and Built to Get the Job Done

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I Can Count on the AeroKART

“Prior to owning the AeroKART, I shared a gasoline powered tug with another pilot. Getting it started over the winter months was, at times, an issue. I use my Cirrus year around, and it is nice to know that I can count on the AeroKART to perform well during the cold weather we experience in Pennsylvania. The reliability and near-zero maintenance aspects of your electric tug make it the way to go.”

– Jim Nolt

Well Engineered Machinery

“As both an electrical engineer and A&P mechanic, I recognize and appreciate well engineered and constructed machinery. The AeroKART has an elegant, practical design and is built like a tank.”

Quite, Smooth and Easy

“As a long-time previous user of gasoline tugs, I’m thrilled to be finally done with fuel, oil, starter cords, carburetors, air filters, noise and smoke. The AeroKART pulls my Cirrus SR20 quietly, smoothly and easily.”

Made in Texas

“AeroKART is made in Texas, the best country on earth!”

Phenomenal Support

“In spite of the fact that I am not the original purchaser of the tub, AKM’s email support has been phenomenal. They have been very responsive and helpful, promptly answering my many questions and requests.”

Excellent Customer Service

“Your customer service is excellent. It is nice to call and talk to a knowledgeable person when assistance is needed. I recently decided to replace the batteries in both units for the first time, even though they were still performing well.”

– Jim Nolt

a welcome addition to my hangar

“If buying my first airplane wasn’t stressful enough, finding a good aircraft tug to move it about had me worried. After comparing some of the gas models, I decided to go stress free and get an electric tug from AeroKART. Within 10 minutes after opening the AeroKART shipment, I had it put together and charging for my first flight. It is a welcome addition to my hangar, and friends often compliment on the craftsmanship of the Tug. Well done!”


John M. Covino
Boston, MASS.
N125SF – Cirrus SR20

works perfectly with my airplane.

At Sun N’ Fun 2017, I purchased an AeroKART tug from Shaller Engineering to move my SR22 G22 G3, in and out of the hangar. The whole experience was great. The people at Shaller are very professional and helpful. The tug itself is easy to operate and works perfectly with my airplane. I highly recommend the AeroKART and Shaller Engineering!


Steve Anderson
Cleveland, Ohio
AeroKart for the Cirrus SR 22 G3