American Made Aircraft Tugs for Sale

Make your flying experience even better with our aircraft tugs for sale. The AeroKART and the TrikeKART are the perfect solutions for light airplane towing. Save your back and get in the air even sooner with our airplane tugs.

The Best Small Aircraft Tug

The AeroKART is an all-electric, battery-powered aircraft tug for moving aircraft without any of the hassle.

A Truly Versatile Electric Utility Vehicle

From towing your plane, to getting around the warehouse, and everything in between, the TrikeKART is truly one of the most versatile electric utility vehicles on the market.

American Made in Texas

We believe that great reliable quality comes from American ingenuity and hard work. That’s why all American Kart products are proudly designed and manufactured right here in Texas, USA. Not a single product is ever outsourced or will ever be.
That’s a guarantee.

About American Kart Manufacturing

The AeroKART and TrikeKART were developed to save the owner’s back from pushing his airplane (Columbia 300) back into the hangar. Since we were already in the manufacturing business, we decided to refine it and start manufacturing them. Since 1983, Shaller GoKarts has built over 11,000 GoKarts that are in 42 states in the U.S. and a few foreign countries, exceeding 35 years as the market leader. Many of the items used in the AeroKART and TrikeKART are GoKart parts or variations.