• Cost-effective solution for warehouse mobility
  • The most versatile electric vehicles on the market
  • Finish any task with the versatility and durability you need
  • Customize to fit your needs with custom options and accessories

On a single charge

Max speed

Turning Radius

Customization Options


Make your life easier and save money with a TrikeKART. With a max speed of 13mph and a tight curb to curb turning radius, it is a cost-effective solution for moving around large warehouses or environments where you need mobility and versatility. Don’t put in more work than needed. Work smarter, not harder with this warehouse utility vehicle.


TrikeKART can function as a boat tug with front and rear hitch attachments allowing you to easily move your boat in and out of storage. For this reason the TrikeKART is the perfect electric utility vehicle! In addition to using you TrikeKART as a boat tug, use for other rolling equipment.

Trailer Tug

Stop tugging your trailer by hand!Use your TrikeKART as a trailer tug!

We offer over 10 customization features making our TrikeKART the most versatile electric utility vehicle on the market allowing you to use it for a variety of needs such as a trailer tug.


With front and rear hitch attachments, the TrikeKART can tow and push your light aircraft in and out of the hangar with ease. The TrikeKART is the perfect electric utility aircraft tug for small airplanes such as the Cirrus SR22/22T, Cessna 172/182, CessnaTTX, Cessna Corvalis, Beechcraft Baron, and many others.

Custom Options and Accessories

Customize your TrikeKART to fit your needs with custom options and accessories to fit your aircraft, boat, or trailer. If red isn’t your color, choose from our selection of powder coating color options to customize your TrikeKART.

  • Hour Meter
  • Strobe Light on Pole
  • Quick Change Spare Batteries
  • Basket
  • Rear Hitch
  • Seat Back
  • Front Hitch (receiver and hitch)
  • Cargo Bed
  • Golf Bag Holder
  • Powder Coating Color Option
  • Cooler and Mount
  • Horn
  • Aluminum Floor and Step Covers
  • Foam-filled Tires (Flat-Free)
  • Tow Bar for Aircraft (universal with adapters for one aircraft)

Need something a little more custom than what you see here? Let us know and we can craft a custom solution to fit your needs.

Work Smarter With This Warehouse Utility Vehicle

American Made and Built to Get the Job Done


extremely reliable

I just wanted to take a little time to tell you how pleased I have been over the last ten years with your aircraft tugs. I own both an AeroKart and a TrikeKART. Both have been extremely reliable and low maintenance. On the odd occasion when I have needed a part or technical support you and your staff have responded knowledgeably and rapidly.

– A.J. Stuper

the right tool for the job

“The TrikeKART is used to tow my aircraft to and from the ramp of my Colorado based hangar. This is a distance of about one quarter of a mile. The TrikeKART does this with ease and generally maintains a full charge in the process. The TrikeKART is a serious tug.

– A.J. Stuper